Cyber Security in the Energy Industry

The Energy sector is a key target for cyber attackers. An industry-wide survey conducted by Siemens and the Ponemon Institute in the summer of 2019, asked utility sector cyber security officers about the frequency of cyber attacks. Respondents estimated that 30% of cyber attacks on OT went undetected.

Saudi Aramco, a leading producer of energy and chemicals became the target of cyber attacks in 2017 when hackers targeted the safety system in one of the company’s petrochemical plants. Experts believe that, despite the plant shutting down, an incident could have taken place. The attack used Triton, a sophisticated malware that can attack industrial control systems. The attacker’s tools indicate that it has prepared to conduct operations that can last several years.

From nation-state actors, to organised cyber criminals targeting massive economic value, and hacktivists wanting to get their voice heard, the power industry is seeing continued increases in the number and complexity of attacks.

Like other industries, the continued digitalisation of platforms within powerplants, combined with legacy technology and new mainstream technology with Industry Internet of Things (IIoT), is introducing new security risks.

Traditional security methods are no longer enough. Additional security barriers through an ‘always on’ 24×7 OT Security Platform, designed specifically for Operational Technology, are required.

Safety and availability are priority physical risks within power production. With possible cyber attacks targeting power generation, transmission, and distribution, increased security is required. Traditional enterprise cyber security technology was never designed to protect interfaces in the physical world like Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Industrial Control Systems (ICS), and Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

With nation-states actively attempting to disrupt power-grids, increased protection of your mission critical infrastructure through a specialist Operational Technology cyber security platform is critical to your operations.

Fundamentals First have taken an industry standard, Operational Technology platform and combined it with an enterprise Security Operations Centre (SOC). Not only can we offer you state of the art protection within your facility, but we can also patch, monitor, and proactively hunt security issues across your desktop, server and network estate.

Put yourself in control, with a single pane of glass service that protects both your corporate technology and Operational Technology in one.
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