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Not all Learning Management Systems are born equal. With the right modules and Moodle development team, deliver a beautiful, modern learning experience.

Moodle customisation

Brilliant LMS customisations to rock your learning experience

From product training to compliance and home schooling, getting the best Learning Management System in place is important in helping your L&D team succeed. Out of the box functionality can get an organisation a long way, but sometimes, additional extensions and custom development tailor an experience to make it great.

Moodle Customisations

Each organisations LMS requirements are as unique as their learners. The Moodle platform is fantastic at providing the core LMS features. With no two LMS installations identical, our experienced Moodle developers have matched varying requirements to the tailored needs of educators.

Through a combination of installing plugins, or through developing new features and plugin extensions, our Moodle development team has the experience to deliver your needs.

Our Moodle customisation services are all scalable and can be evolved to cater for small dedicated agencies that deliver a focused batch of training to large educational institutions and corporates. 

Moodle team

Top Moodle Plugins

Completion progress plugin

Completion Progress

The Completion Progress plugin provides a visual representation of a students progression through a unit to the students and academics. Unit participants will see a progress bar made of blocks, representing activities within the unit, ordered by the ‘expected completed on’ date. Blocks are colour-coded to indicate the completion status. This visual representation becomes very useful for both the learner and educator to quickly reference progress.

Vericite plugin


The VeriCite plugin helps educators with a plagiarism detection service that identifies potentially plagiarised submissions. The service automatically checks submitted work against an ever-increasing index of online sources. Reports are dynamic and real time. If a student submits an original paper they will get a plagiarised score of 0. If a plagiarised version then get submitted, both reports will be marked with a plagiarised score of 100.

saml2 plugin

SAML2 Authentication

The SAML2 Authentication plugin takes advantage of Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0), making for a more seamless authentication, user auto creation with field mapping capability. SAML works by passing information about users, logins, and attributes between the LMS platform and identity service providers. Each user logs in once by way of a Single Sign On, which is then confirmed by an identity service provider as being valid.

Socialwall plugin


The Socialwall plugin creates a more social learning platform than the standard Moodle platform. Most people use “Topic” or “Weekly” course formats in Moodle. Socialwall creates a new course format that shows a timeline, where teachers and students post and/or comment on the course. The new format encourages more ongoing interaction between the educator, the learners, and the whole group.

Interactive Content H5P

Interactive Content – H5P

The Interactive Content – H5P plugin allows educators to create, share and reuse interactive HTML5 course content in the browser. Give more interactive and immersive training through creating richer content. With this plugin, authors may create and edit interactive videos, presentations, games, advertisements, quizzes, and simulations with branching scenarios.

iSpring suite plugin

iSpring Suite

An end-to-end authoring toolkit that allows you to create engaging eLearning courses with interactive assessments, quizzes, video lectures and screencasts. With iSpring Suite, you can convert your static Word, PDF, and Powerpoint content into reusable SCORM courses, or build and publish interactive courses from scratch.

Moodle portal

Zoom Meeting

This Zoom Meeting plugin offers a tight integration between Moodle and Zoom, the  video and web conferencing platform. The plugin helps to support more interactive webinars,  gives authorised users the ability to host online sessions.It also supports the synchronisation and back-up/ restore of video conferences.

Moodle app

Global Chat

This Moodle plugin is focused on building an interactive online community. A user can explore a list all online users who are subscribed to the same courses. A users can then open a chat window at the bottom of the page and start a chat conversation with an online user, similar to the online chat functionality available on Facebook.

big blue button plugin


This Moodle plugin is a web conferencing system
designed for online learning. BigBlueButton provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat, desktop sharing, webcam support and a whiteboard, offering a full remote learning solution.  Students are engaged through sharing of emoji icons, polling, and breakout rooms.

Edwiser Course Formats plugin

Edwiser Course Formats

Enhance the look and feel of Moodle courses with this plugin. Edwiser Course Formats provides two course formats. The first is list format, displaying your course sections and activities as minimalist collapsible and expandable lists. The second is Card Format, which displays course content on neatly stacked cards, making for a modern look and feel.

iSpring QuizMaker plugin

iSpring QuizMaker

With the iSpring QuizMaker plugin, you can create interactive tests and quizzes, set up custom scoring, and evaluate employees’ progress online in real time. The plugin helps students to learn a topic, whilst allowing the educator to assess how well a topic is understood.

Jazz quiz plugin


The Moodle JazzQuiz plugin is designed to be used in face-to-face lessons, where the educator may want to generate improvised questions along with preset questions. Prior to the session the educator creates their planned questions, and within the live lesson they can write unplanned questions on the blackboard, and select an appropriate question type.

Office 365 plugin

Microsoft 365 Integration

This plugin provides a user-facing menu to access various Microsoft 365 integration features, resources, and settings. Specifically, this includes OneDrive for Business, Office Video, Office Delve as well as SharePoint Document Libraries and Group Files associated with Moodle courses.

Google plugin

Google Apps for Moodle

There is comprehensive support for integrating Moodle with the Google ecosystem. From centralised the authentication, to a Google Apps block on the Moodle front page that displays links to Google Start Page, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Gmail. There are numerous additional integrations with Google Apps, like Google Drive, Gmail and Hangouts.

Zoola analytics plugin

Zoola Analytics 

This plugin is designed to help educators to get access to all learning data. Zoola Analytics is a one-stop solution that complements Moodle, to effectively measure every single aspect of the learning process so that you can increase learner engagement and skyrocket training effectiveness.

Intelliboard plugin


This plugin extracts the statistical data from the Moodle platform and presents it on a single dashboard in the form of printable charts, graphs, and analytics. It empowers educators to deliver better, more effective, more engaging learning informed by what the LMS data is telling you. 

Moodle integrations


This Moodle plugin focuses on making your LMS analytics more available. It provides a dashboard for administrators, teachers and students, with 80+ Canned Reports. The plugin allows for actionable insights, through comparative analysis using Course Profiles and User Profiles.

Edwiser Bridge Bundle plugin

Edwiser Bridge Bundle

The plugin is a WordPress based e-Commerce solution that allows LMS course creators to sell their courses online. Offering an online store front with multiple payment processes, whilst delivering easy user management and course availability.

Game Activity Module

Game Activity Module

A plugin that helps gamification within the Moodle LMS. The game activity module makes use of questions, quizzes and glossaries to create a variety of interactive games. This additional interactivity is to help the online learning experience.

Level-up plugin

Level up! — Gamification

The Level Up! plugin is a Moodle block plug-in designed to increase student engagement and participation. The course creator can define levels with visual identifiers like badges, that relate to the number of points a student has achieved at any time. As a student earns more points they are visually rewarded by progressing through the levels.

Custom Certificate plugin

Custom Certificate 

The Custom Certificate plugin gives the learner something tangible when they pass a course. It creates a dynamic and fully-customisable PDF certificate that the learner can keep, with a unique verification code for each certification so that you can confirm it is an authentic accreditation.

Moove theme

Moove Theme

A modern, easy to use theme that provides an app-like modern interface, designed to help users find course content easily. It provides an intuitive learning experience with layouts optimised to find primary course content. 

Adaptable theme

Adaptable Theme

A theme that is designed to be highly customisable and responsive. As a result, this theme can be made to suite any type of organisation, from a large University to an internal corporate training setting. 

Edwiser remuI

Edwiser RemUI 

A modern theme that focuses on being the best experience for learners, delivering a beautiful and user-friendly interface. Easily customise your Homepage, Login page, Course Enrolment, and Course Archive pages on any devise.

Benefits of Moodle

Open source

Open Source

Feature rich

Feature Rich

many languages

Many Languages

mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

many extensions

Many Extensions



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Our usual approach is to start with a discovery phase. Establish clear objectives, well defined requirements, and the right change methodology to fit the delivery type. We operate an adaptive change methodology, which means that depending on the project, it may be delivered using Agile Squads, traditional waterfall controls, or in an iterative delivery way.

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