How a secure global network can keep your business safe

If you are responsible for the security of your organisation’s systems and data, life has got a lot more complicated for you over the last few years.

In this new world people want the flexibility to work from anywhere. Every person, every device, every server can now be secured using a cloud-first secure global network adopting this new approach.

Think of all the places where you can work remotely from – cafes, home, trains, shared offices, customer sites. When you add your work device to a network that is also connected to a number of other unknown smart devices the need for robust security becomes even more important.

We are seeing attackers take advantage of the huge increase in remote network traffic and they are targeting individuals at a higher rate than usual. Not only have cyber criminals become more sophisticated and diverse in the nature of their attacks but staff are more and more working out of different locations, away from the relative safety of the office.

It is important to have assurance that, wherever your people are working from, your systems and data are protected.

Our Secure Global Network (SGN) connects all of a business’s devices to an isolated, enterprise-grade, global cloud network with unmatched protection, privacy, and security built-in. Todyl is always connected, always protected.

Underpinned by Todyl’s SGN cloud platform we can help you address some of the toughest challenges facing businesses today.

Todyl consolidates multiple security products, features integrated SIEM and GRC, and leverages cutting edge technology to stop threats like ransomware and malware from spreading. With Todyl we can deliver a world-class, cost-effective security program to businesses of any size.

Our elastic network connects and protects you and your customers across the globe, keeping data and devices protected from everywhere.
To read more about what we can provide, visit our website and read our SGN brochure

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