Infrastructure Management

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By having reliable and predictable infrastructure you have the bedrock on which to build systems and applications that support the delivery of your organisational strategies.  Fundamentals First can help take the strain and remove some of the workload.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management can mean many different things, but is best described in this instance as the administration and management of essential operational elements to utilise technology, information, and data efficiently and proactively. These elements can include computers, servers, networking, data, storage, physical and virtual facilities as well as software, processes, policies, security, mobile and virtual functionality, and cloud-based services, any combination of which may make up your IT infrastructure.

By managing your IT environment, you’ll be able to detect when to change and upgrade systems, and when you need to mitigate risk. You’ll know when a patch is necessary, when you’ve outgrown your storage capacities, when it’s time to upgrade technologies and more, so that you can come up with a solution before a the situation becomes critical.

Infrastructure Management

Benefits of Infrastructure Management

Rapid incident response

Rapid response to IT-related incidents

Scheduled patching

Scheduled patching against malware and ransomware

increase customer satisfaction

Increase in customer satisfaction

increased system availability

Increased availability of your systems

Predictable and reliable performance

Predictable and reliable performance

Free up internal resource

Free up internal IT teams

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