Ongoing Controls

88% of UK companies have suffered a breach in the last 12 months, with 70% stating they are under investing in third-party risk management.

Ongoing data privacy controls

Protect your business

82% of employees say they are overworked. Within a 6 month period, 80% of tech workers and 74% of marketers experienced burnout. De-stress your employees and expand your business protection with outsourced vendor due diligence and 1st line breach management.

3rd Party Vendor Due Diligence

Over 18% of companies state they use 1000 vendors or more, with only 16% saying they vet three quarters of the top tier. In an ever increasing interconnected world, the level of vendor due diligence poses a significant risk to companies.

Fundamentals First offers a continual service where we can check vendors when you onboard them, and maintain core and accurate information on your total vendor portfolio.

3rd Party Vendor Due Diligence

Investigate data breaches quickly

Breach Management

The average length of time it takes identify a data breach is 279 days, with the average data breach costing $3.92 million.

When you believe you may have had a data breach or a near miss, you need it to be investigated quickly and calmly, to understand exactly what has happened.

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