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SharePoint is the world’s most popular choice for intranets.

SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint – flexible, scalable, customisable

Over 80% of Intranets are now built on SharePoint, with 2 out of 3 enterprise employees working on the SharePoint platform. As a result, 190 million people use SharePoint in over 200,000 organisations, from small 10 person teams to enterprises with thousands of employees.

SharePoint Development

Fundamentals First has a well seasoned SharePoint development team. Beyond the basics of a static SharePoint site, our developers focus on using SharePoint automation by delivering workflow processes. They also focus on using the full Microsoft ecosystem by combining Microsoft collaboration technologies as much as possible.

The end goal is to create dynamic, effective collaborative SharePoint sites that really work for organisations.

SharePoint development

SharePoint workflow

SharePoint Workflows

Microsoft’s SharePoint comes fully loaded with features that help automate and organise workflows. A workflow is a way of getting tasks done in a logical sequence, and is one of SharePoint’s greatest strengths.

Workflows help people to collaborate on documents and to manage project tasks by implementing business processes on documents and items in a SharePoint site. Workflows help organisations to adhere to consistent business processes, whilst also driving efficiency, productivity and data accuracy.

SharePoint Collaboration

Gaining access to the most up to date information and sharing timely knowledge are two significant challenges in any organisation. Well organised information architecture with the collaborative features of SharePoint can lead to effective team performance and company wide collaboration.

SharePoint security can organise what content is available site wide, compared to what is available just for given teams. Task and document sharing can be used to help highlight updates to content, or when activities are required. It is most effective as a collaboration tool when it is coupled with Office 365. This results in additional collaboration through shared calendars, instant chat through Yammer, real time document collaboration, and advanced collaborative tools through Microsoft Teams.

SharePoint collaboration

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SharePoint Development
Sharepoint Development &

Our team of SharePoint consultants provide professional advice regarding the platform and its implementation in alignment with the evolving nature of your business.

SharePoint Automation
SharePoint Business Process Automation and Workflow

Our team of highly skilled SharePoint developers have years of SharePoint automation and workflow experience, automating business processes to improve efficiency.

SharePoint Design
SharePoint Design & Branding Services

Our UX/ UI design team works with the SharePoint Platform to deliver modern, responsive designs to meet your unique brand vision, and modern look and feel needs.

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SharePoint data migration
SharePoint Migrations

If you are planning to migrate to a newer SharePoint version, our years of experience in version upgrading and data migration makes us the ideal partner for you. We will manage the process step by step.

SharePoint Intranet Healthcheck
SharePoint Intranet Healthcheck

Many clients with an existing SharePoint Intranet require a SharePoint Healthcheck. We review your current infrastructure, architecture, design and performance to identify issues and resolve them.

SharePoint Managed Services
SharePoint Managed Services

Our SharePoint developers and service teams can offer you SharePoint-as-a-Service. The SharePoint team can continually upgrade features whilst also proactively monitoring SharePoint, solving technical issues.

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Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint Intranets

Office 365 ecosystem

Office 365 ecosystem

content management

Excellent content management

automated workflow

Automated workflow

integrated collaboration

Integrated collaboration

content targeting

Content targeting

highly scalable

Highly scalable

Start Small, Think Big

Most organisations broadly understand their objectives and broad-brush requirements. There is an understanding of what systems, services or processes are in need of improvement. The challenge of most is being able to articulate the specific details, planning, and then implementing the change.

Our usual approach is to start with a discovery phase. Establish clear objectives, well defined requirements, and the right change methodology to fit the delivery type. We operate an adaptive change methodology, which means that depending on the project, it may be delivered using Agile Squads, traditional waterfall controls, or in an iterative delivery way.

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