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Maritime sector 5th most likely to suffer a cyber attack

There has been a 400% increase in maritime related cyber attacks since February 2020. Cyber threats to operation technology like ECDIS and GPS, dynamic positioning, engine and cargo management no longer pose commercial and logistical risks to companies, but danger to life and the environment.

With the digitisation of industrial control systems (ICS), vessels and ports are left exposed to new cyber security risks.

Maersk, the maritime giant responsible for 76 ports, 800 vessels and a fifth of the world’s shipping, was hit in 2017 by the encrypted malware called Petya. The attack was so devastating, that all employees of the company were locked out of their computers, key card access systems stopped working and container shipping, port and tug boat operations, oil and gas production, drilling services, and oil tankers were affected.

Like many industries, the maritime sector depends increasingly on digitalisation, integration of operations, and automation in a global real-time management of worldwide shipping.

Vessel navigation, propulsion systems, emergency systems, cargo handling and container tracking systems onboard ships and in ports are all at risk of cyber attacks. The massive logistical challenges associated with shipyard inventories requires technology and automation to ensure the smooth running of operations.

Digitalisation and the increasing connection between information systems and operational systems is bringing new vulnerabilities. Hackers have demonstrated the ability to penetrate the systems used by the maritime industry. As cyber attacks increase in complexity and number, so does your need for a 24×7 Operational Technology (OT) Security Platform, designed specifically for Operational Technology.

Fundamentals First have taken an industry standard, Operational Technology platform and combined it with an enterprise Security Operations Centre (SOC). Not only can we offer you state of the art protection within your operational technology, but we can also patch, safeguard, and proactively hunt security issues across your desktop, server and network estate.

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