Secure Remote Working

Provide fast, secure connections to your teams, wherever they are.

Secure remote working

Your office can be anywhere

The number of people who work remotely has increased by 140% since 2005. Technology has advanced at such a pace that flexible working is available to nearly all of us. The increase in remote working has given cyber criminals a new avenue of attack that businesses need to be prepared for. 

Secure Remote Working

When companies are faced with the challenge of remote working, the initial focus is typically ‘connectivity first’.

With more companies working with geographically distributed teams today, more employees are working remotely than ever before. Remote work poses unique security challenges for companies. Because employees are not physically working on-site, they’re often relying on their own Wi-Fi networks and devices to access company data.

Remote work poses unique security challenges

Secure Global Network (SGN) cloud VPN

Secure Your Workforce

Recent events have forced many companies to accelerate their remote working policy, and having the appropriate security tools in place is vital. Todyl automatically connects remote devices and office networks to the Secure Global Network (SGN) cloud platform, supporting remote workers securely, wherever they are.

Great technology needs to be underpinned by strong governance and controls. Educate your workforce with clear processes and guidelines on how to work remotely and reduce the likelihood of a security incident.

Benefits of Secure Remote Working

Access systems anywhere

Access systems wherever you are

Secure in and out of the office

Be secure inside and outside the office

built-in protection

Total protection built-in

'always on' VPN

No need to connect to the VPN – it’s ‘always on’

Policies enforced by default

Security policies are enforced by default

multi-layered security

Defence in depth with multi layered security

“The average cost of a malware attack on a company is $2.6 million”

Having the right tools that provide protection against security threats, wherever you are, has never been more important. Todyl SGN will not only detect and block threats but will look for threats that are already on the inside, like certain malware attacks, and neutralise them.

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