Technical Vulnerabilities

A robust process for managing technical vulnerabilities is an essential requirement for any size business.

Technical security vulnerabilities

Manage your technical vulnerabilities and reduce your risk

It’s no surprise that with over 16,500 security vulnerabilities reported in 2019, it’s virtually impossible for a small or medium-sized business with strained IT resources to keep up and protect your company. 

Technical Vulnerabilities

Due to the complexity of modern IT environments, the patch management process can be a major undertaking. 

Proper patch and configuration management ensures your business remains compliant and protects customers, consumers, and stakeholders.

Patches are not an option; they are a requirement to prevent security breaches, data theft and data loss.

Patch and configuration management

Benefits of a strong Technical Vulnerabilities process


Benefit from our expertise

Apply patches quickly

Apply patches at the right time

free up IT resource

Free up your IT resource

Patches applied out of hours

Patches can be applied at a time that suits your business

increase system availability

Increase system availability

secure your business

Secure your business

Address the key areas within your infrastructure

On average, 27% of all vulnerabilities last year were associated with web applications, and 73% were network vulnerabilities.

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57% of cyberattack victims stated that applying a patch would have prevented the attack. 34% say they knew about the vulnerability before the attack.  Regular, reliable patch management will reduce the risk of exposure to your business.  To discuss support options and your needs, contact us for a further conversation.

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