Top UK Bus company Go-Ahead hit by Cyber-Attacks

Go-Ahead Group, a British transport group and London’s biggest bus operator, have said they are “managing a cybersecurity incident” after detecting unauthorised activity on their network on September 5th.

The attacks have been targeting the software that manages Go-Ahead’s driver roster and payroll systems.

Although there were no disruption to services, Go-Ahead have said that “Upon becoming aware of the incident, Go-Ahead immediately engaged external forensic specialists and has taken precautionary measures with its IT infrastructure whilst it continues to investigate the nature and extent of the incident and implement its incident response plans”.

Cyber-attacks are becoming an ever increasing problem for large companies across the globe, with 2.8b known attacks having happened in the first half of this year alone, up 11% from last year.

With more and more cyber-attacks targeting organisations it is important that you and your organisation have a strong system in place to prevent any attacks.

With a Security Operations Centre there will be improved threat management which is available 24/7, and a large, qualified team who can detect and hunt down threats, preventing any malicious attempts at breaching the system. As well as this an SOC team can analyse the attacks and use the data they get from analysing to find better ways to protect the systems and networks, preventing future attacks.

Establishing an in-house Security Operations Centre that can keep up with the advancing sophistication of cyber attacks is out of reach for all but the largest companies.

Even with the biggest of budgets, there is the continual need to hire and train security professionals, manage governance and procure software. Whereas outsourcing to our SOC gives you access to advanced security analytics and cutting-edge detection technology, letting you get on with running your business, safe in the knowledge that specialists are proactively guarding your systems.

At Fundamentals First Our UK based 24×7 Security Operations Centre can keep your organisation secure all year round.

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