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Supercharge your internal team by relieving them of ‘business as usual’ tasks.

Let us carry out your first second and third line tasks

Continual patching regime

80% of companies who had a data breach or failed an audit could have prevented it by patching on time or doing configuration updates. 34% of companies state they knew about the vulnerability before the attack. Continual patching is a prerequisite in the digital world.

Let Our Experts Take The Strain

With more and more companies offering flexible and remote working, wouldn’t it be useful to have a support team that can handle calls, visit a site or home, or even provide expert technical support at any time of the day.

Whether you need a standard Help Desk, or a service model that also requires 2nd and 3rd line support we are confident that we can provide the solution you need.

IT Help Desk and 2nd and 3rd line support

Outsourced patching

Outsourced Patching

It is virtually impossible for companies to keep up with the ever increasing number of security vulnerabilities discovered each year. The time consuming patch management regime puts an ongoing strain on IT resources. This puts business operations at risk, with the average time to patch still being 102 days.

Not only will our service experts handle support tickets, but they will patch your desktop and server estate, relieving the pressure on your internal teams.

Manual patching processes are a disadvantage”

More than 61% of companies feel that they are disadvantaged by relying on manual processes for applying software patches.

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