A Data Privacy Framework is the only solution

132 countries have Data Privacy laws, with over 12 countries currently drafting new legislation.

Data privacy framework

Scale efficiently with ‘continually evolving’ data privacy needs

Organisations continue to adapt their ways of working and change how they process data. In a world of global regulations, escalating and more prominent data breaches, and increased technology and data generation, operating a data privacy framework is the only option. 

One-off Projects Insufficient

Many organisations initially stand up one-off projects to focus on addressing the foreseen gap to demonstrate compliance with relevant data privacy laws.

These projects are crucial to gain traction, make both design principles and policy decisions, and implement the relevant technical and organisational controls. However, many organisations then do not transition into a continual control framework, leaving the investment to wither on the vine.

Data privacy requires ongoing investment

Data privacy framework flexible approach

Data Privacy Framework

Data Privacy management is risk based. Like many risk based controls, privacy risk management needs to be continual.
Fundamentals First has developed a framework that benefits from both the structure of set policies and procedures, and the flexibility required to recognise that organisations change over time.
Our flexible approach means that you can deliver some or all of the framework, based on the needs of your organisation.

Some of the benefits of operating our framework

Culture of data privacy

A culture of data privacy by design

Policies and procedures

Documented policies and procedures

Risk based review of assets

Clear risk based review of assets

Vendor due diligence

Vendor/third party due diligence

Retention management

Retention management

DSARs Management

DSARs managements

“Less than one third of organisations check personal inventories each year”

A recent survey of 258 businesses revealed that just 27% of respondents check their personal data inventory once a year.

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Our preferred approach is an ongoing strategic partnership over many years, where we flex and support you as your needs change.

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However, we take great pride from only delivering work that has value. Let’s start with an evaluation of where you are now and develop a plan that is right for your organisation.

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