IT General Controls (ITGC) Assessment

57% of senior-level executives rank “risk and compliance” as one of the top two risks they feel least prepared for.

IT general controls assessment

Complex challenges in an interconnected world

Increasing complexity within technology and regulations results in challenges that require greater focus around controls within IT and the business. 65% of organisations are operating “reactively”, with minimal policies in place.

General Controls

Proper physical and digital access control of IT systems is essential to assure the integrity and security of information within your business.

Maintaining reliable business processes in access control and within change and development practices are key foundations to demonstrating robust controls.

In our experience we find that common control-related topics exist in the majority of organisations. As a result, we have developed an ITGC Framework, starting with an IT General Controls Maturity Assessment.

IT general controls

Benefits of a mature IT Service Framework

Data accuracy

Assurance on data accuracy

Improved data security

Improved data security

More accurate starter, mover, leaver process

More accurate starter, mover, leaver process

Reduce risks

Reduced risks

Improved internal and external audits

Improved internal and external audits

Meet regulatory demands

Meet the demands of regulators

33% of CIOs reported a major cyber attack in the last 2 years

With the safety of personal and sensitive information becoming ever more important and cyber attacks becoming ever more common, 95% of cybersecurity breaches are still due to human error.

Having strong controls in place will reduce the likelihood of human error and ensure processes are in place to mitigate the impact when an issue does occur.

Improve Controls

By working with you to understand your challenges we can help reduce risk and improve controls in away that adds real value.

Improve your IT general controls

All IT General Controls Frameworks start with a maturity assessment. Working in conjunction with your business strategy and risk appetite, an improvement plan will be put in place to start your continual improvement journey. 

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