80% of Critical Infrastructure Organisations hit by Ransomware attacks

A recent report from Cybersecurity company, Claroty, revealed that 80% of Critical infrastructure organisations have been hit by ransomware attacks in the past year.

Of the 80% organisations who experienced the attacks, 47% of them reported an impact to their industrial control systems (ICS), which can halt production and cause physical danger to employees working in proximity to the machinery that is controlled by the affected ICS. 

Over 60% paid the ransom to remove the malware and more than half of the ransoms cost $500,000 or more. 

Having your organisation be subject to a ransomware attack can be financially devastating, as well as cause safety hazards. This damage can be prevented by having strong and secure Operation Technology Cyber security.

Fundamentals First can provide you with the first integrated cyber security platform built for Operational Technology (OT) cyber protection. Fundamentals First are the first and only UK 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) to offer such a service.

Where other IT cyber security solutions only provide visibility and detection, we have developed an integrated OT cyber security protection platform backed by an experienced managed services team that stops OT cyber threats in their tracks 24/7. Making this the first integrated cyber-protection platform for complete visibility, segmentation, protection, and monitoring.
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