Ransomware compromising Industrial sector

A report from industrial cybersecurity company Dragos, revealed that the industrial sector has become a frequent target to ransomware attacks. Due to this, ransomware attacks have become the number one threat to the industrial sector.

Whilst monitoring activity in the industrial sector Dragos found that the most common target for ransomware groups was manufacturing industries, with the sector accounting for 65% of the attacks.

Attackers see industrial companies as an attractive target due to the pressure of keeping Operational Technology (OT) running. If a hospital, a gas pipeline or an electricity grid gets attacked and the attacker has managed to shut down the systems, there will be an immense amount of pressure to give in to the attacker’s demands to get the systems back up.

Attacks on OT systems can also pose a large safety risk. In the industrial sector there can be high pressure and high temperature machines, as well as chemical containers. A failure in a machine like that due to an attack can cause a risk to human life and the environment, once again putting pressure on the company to give in to demands.

A good security system can prevent any monetary loss from paying ransoms, as well as prevent the risk to human life due to malware attacks.

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Where other IT cyber security solutions only provide visibility and detection, we have developed an integrated OT cyber security protection platform backed by an experienced managed services team that stops OT cyber threats in their tracks. Making this the first integrated cyber-protection platform for complete visibility, segmentation, protection, and monitoring.
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