European Oil facilities plagued by Cyber Attacks

Oil distribution companies in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands have reported being hit by cyber attacks which are affecting the loading and unloading at the targeted facilities.

The first attack happened at two separate German oil companies, OilTanking and Mabanaft. This attack, which has had a small impact on fuel sales in Germany, is said to have been performed by the BlackCat Ransomware group.

After the emergence of these attacks in Germany, more, similar attacks had taken place at oil terminals belonging to various organisations at the ports of Antwerp and Ghent in Belgium, and Amsterdam and Terneuzen in the Netherlands. Operations at these facilities are expected to be up and running again soon however if not then the logistics and shipping sector could be affected in Western Europe.

These attacks have left Europol and authorities on high alert as due to the rising tension in Ukraine supply of oil may be affected and fuel prices may rise rapidly.

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