Thousands of information security roles left unfilled

Across the world thousands of information security jobs are being left empty, leaving many businesses vulnerable to cyber security breaches and violations to data compliance laws.

A survey by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) shows that 46% of organisations find themselves struggling to fill legal and compliance roles, and 55% struggle to fill information security roles. As well as this, 41% said that the biggest challenge in forming an organisational privacy plan was a lack of competent resources.

72% of organisations said that they would see the need for information security professionals in the future.

Privacy and security is paramount for an organisation to be successful. If customers do not have trust in the organisation it will fail. If a customer’s private data is breached due to a cyber security attack then trust will be broken.

“A privacy violation can irreparably damage trust and hurt data subjects and enterprises alike. Given the reputational and financial harm that comes with a privacy violation, privacy as a technology and compliance discipline is here to stay, and those working in privacy have a challenging task.” – ISACA

Due to information security roles going unfilled, it may be time to shift your vision away from in house security. 

With an outsourced Security Operations Centre there will be improved threat management which is available 24/7, and a large, qualified team who can detect and hunt down threats, preventing any malicious attempts at breaching the system and accessing private data.

Having an SOC is critical in any size enterprise. Without having that team of qualified experts, many privacy breaches can go undetected.

Our UK based 24×7 Security Operations Centre can keep your organisation secure all year round.

Outsourcing to our SOC gives you access to advanced security analytics and cutting-edge detection technology, letting you get on with running your business, safe in the knowledge that specialists are proactively guarding your systems and keeping your clients’ privacy safe.

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