Don’t let Phishing catch you out

According to the United Kingdom Government, in 2020-2021, four in ten businesses reported having cyber security breaches in that time period and the most common cyber attack by far is Phishing, which makes up 83% of all the attacks.

Phishing is a type of a Social engineering attack that is carried out through fake emails or texts and usually contains a link that once opened can download malware onto the device. Once the phishing attack has taken place, the victim’s email account can be used to send more emails to colleagues and friends, disguising the fraudulent emails as an email from the victim. Attackers can also delete incoming emails, so the victim cannot receive any emails, missing vital information and being unable to know the account has been compromised.

In a corporate environment Phishing emails can cause catastrophic effects. In most cases a phishing email would be sent around a business and if any of the employees who receive the email click on any malicious content then the attacker can access the employees work account and attempt to gain access to intellectual property or cause damage to the businesses operations.

Without having proper security in place then phishing attacks can be destructive to a business. Our UK based 24×7 Security Operations Centre can keep your organisation secure all year round.

The 24×7 SOC provided by Fundamentals First is a team of skilled security experts who are responsible for the operational component of an information security function. We have highly qualified security analysts who use state of the art tools to detect, analyse, respond to, and prevent cyber security incidents.

Their sole purpose is to maintain the availability and integrity of your systems and data by defending you against all manner of security incidents and intrusions.
To see more download our free SOC Brochure and visit our website to see more services we provide.

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