Xmas security

Take care of your new devices this Christmas

With Christmas having recently passed, many households have new devices that were received as gifts on Christmas day. These new devices can provide entertainment and be an excellent gift, however they can also pose a threat.

An investigation from Which? discovered that homes filled with smart devices could be vulnerable to up to 12,000 hacking attacks from anywhere in the world.

The more devices that a household has, then the more access points a potential attacker has into a network, and having new, unprotected devices increases that number. Especially at a time when people are working from home, an attacker gaining access to a network, means that work devices could also be accessed and enables the attacker to steal data.

The use of default passwords can cause a much higher amount of breaches in smart devices as hackers will be able to easily gain access to a device as they can force their way past the weak, default passwords.

As an employer, it is important to have assurance that, wherever your people are working from, your systems and data are protected. Protect employees wherever they connect, at home, in the office or on the go. Our partnership with Todyl’s Secure Global Network (SGN) cloud platform makes connecting and securing distributed businesses simple and cost-effective, helping you support productivity in a world outside of the office. 
To see more about Todyl and what we provide at Fundamentals First, visit our website and help secure your business.

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