Conveyancing firm unable to access IT systems after breach

Last month the conveyancing firm Premier property lawyers suffered an IT breach that rendered them unable to access their systems for several days.

The systems going down meant that thousands of property buyers were left in a state of “limbo” with transactions unable to be completed. 

Some property buyers ended up in a situation where they were ready to move and then ended up nearly homeless. Many clients are still facing delays completing their transactions.

Whilst the specifics of the situation have not been disclosed, PPL said cyber experts had been called in to resolve the issue, indicating an attack on their systems.

There were some concerns that personal data and transaction data of the clients may have been compromised, however PPL has said – “We can assure you that all money held by us is safe and secure and is held in an entirely separate system, with multiple protections, unaffected by the incident.”

A spokesperson has said that “Our teams have worked non-stop with third party experts to contain the incident, get our systems operational and minimise the disruption for home movers.”

The firm has since lost some clients due to the incident.

IT systems being taken down can be detrimental to a business and its clients, causing loss of income, clients and trust. However securing your organisation is an ongoing battle that can cost a lot of time and money.

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