Remote working is here to stay – make your data safe and secure

2020 saw businesses all over the world struggling to keep business operations going amid a global pandemic.  It is amazing to see how many people have become quickly accustomed to remote working and the use of collaboration tools.  How many people had honestly heard of Zoom before 2020?

The big hope is that vaccinations will help us return to a level of normality later this year, but the way people work has changed for good, and a large proportion of staff who were previously office based will continue to work from home some or all of the time.

The ongoing need for tools to connect these remote teams will drive increases in collaboration spend, but are companies considering what is needed to keep their systems and data secure now that so many devices are outside of the office?  No matter how or where your staff connects, you need to make sure that every person and every device is as secure, if not more secure than as if they were sitting in the office.

Another key consideration is how to support staff that are scattered across the country, or in some cases the globe.  The increase in remote working has changed how many of us structure our working day.  People are logging on earlier or working in the evenings so they can home school or look after their families during the day.  A Help Desk that closed at 5pm won’t be able to help these people.

At Fundamentals First we have Help Desk and security solutions that will support you and your teams at any time of the day, as well as keeping their devices and your data protected.

If your organisation would like help in developing a remote working framework that supports and secures your staff 24×7, then get in touch with Fundamentals First to discuss how our experienced Service Management Consultants can help.

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