Chaos at Britain’s ports reminds us of the need for good service transition

Two weeks into a New Year and the realities of the UK no longer being a member of the European Union are starting to sink in.  One area of particular concern was how goods were going to flow freely in and out of the UK ports.  The huge queues and lorry ‘car parks’ that were expected have not yet materialised, but many companies are struggling to understand the new processes and are concerned about the chaos that may lie ahead in the coming months.

One logistics firm said it took six hours — at least three times longer than usual — to load one of its trucks up with products bound for Germany because the customer did not have the correct paperwork.

For those of us who work in IT, the comparisons with project delivery and successful handover into ‘business as usual’ are very clear.  The users on the receiving end of this new service appear to have had little in the way of training, handover into service was rushed and, if some reports are to be believed, there was very little stakeholder engagement.

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