Keep secure with Covid fast-tracking digital transformation – Video

With Covid fast-tracking digital transformation, extend your cyber security and support to overnight and weekends without increasing your FTE.

The advancement of digitisation, especially to support new working practices and more remote working, has led to compromises in cyber security and weakness.

Scaling an internal team to 24×7 is costly. Managing rotas, planning for illness, holidays, training and staff turnover is a big commitment. Switch from investing serious time in managing a rigid internal solution to an “always on”, flexible solution that you can scale on demand at a fraction of the cost.

Keep your business supported and secure through the festive period, extending your internal IT teams with a 24×7 Security Operations Centre and Help Desk.

If your organisation is relying on your IT team to digitise quicker, deliver new systems and connectivity at speed, it is likely they are stretched too thin. This leads to compromised security, poor technology support, and struggling service satisfaction.

By outsourcing, or operating a Hybrid insourced and outsourced model, your IT teams and cyber security teams can cover weaknesses exposed by super-fast digitisation, from managing a fully scaled Network Operations Centre, Desktop and Server patching, threat hunting, you can improve technology support and security in one single move. At the same time, outsourcing your Security Centre and IT Help Desk saves an organisation over 40% of budget, as well as savings on security licenses and tying employees up in a continual patching regime.

Our proactive Security Operations Centre and IT Help Desk prides itself on being proactive and dedicating to helping you run smoothly and securely. We offer a 24×7 Help Desk via our 1st to 3rd line support teams, providing you with a single point of contact without the hassle of you needing to find and continually train certified engineers. The engineers get to know your organisation, working closely with your employees so much, that they appear to be an internal team to your employees. All support tickets, phone calls, security incidents are managed in your brands name, and all security issues are owned like they were our own.

Outsourcing both the IT Help Desk and Security Operations Centre leads organisations to a level or security assurance. Companies can not ignore the threats from cyber attacks, and the need to operate a continual patching regime. Beyond supporting your ongoing technical support needs, our team will patch your systems, monitor unusual activity on your endpoints, and actively hunt and remediate security issues across your network, reducing risk and operational disruption. Using well chosen tooling including Sophos, Datto, Todyl (to name a few), you gain the benefits of both security and operations experts with advanced, AI driven and state of the art technology, to secure your operations, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

If you want to know more about outsourcing to our IT Help Desk, or more information regarding our Security Operations Centre, please get in contact, or follow us on YouTube.

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