Fundamentals First build out a Security Operations Centre resize

Fundamentals First build out a Security Operations Centre (SOC), helping small, medium and large organisations

Fundamentals First has built on their ISO27001 and ISO9001 Virtual Network Operations Center (NOC), and offers a Security Operations Centre (SOC), delivering advanced, next generation managed threat detection and incident response services.

With increased sophistication of cyber attacks and ever increasing regulations, organisations can no longer get away with doing the bare minimum.

As business continue to digitise they typically get more and more endpoints (servers, desktops, laptops, mobile phones). The more endpoints and technology an organisation has, the more opportunities cyber criminals have of infiltrating your network.

All organisations, regardless of size, need endpoint protection that covers more than just patching and basic antivirus. Organisations also need a centralised way of managing and reporting on end point protection, advanced security monitoring and response teams to hunt and protect their estate.

With Fundamentals First unlimited NOC service we will patch your end point devices, keeping them current. With our newly created SOC services we can increase your security to fully cover management of end point protection. Businesses can relax in the knowledge that our SOC is providing antivirus, malware protection, anti-ransomware, antivirus root cause analysis and proactive threat hunt detection.

With years of experience within IT Services, the directors of Fundamentals First acknowledge that the true power of a service is the combination of both technology with specialist resource. A key underpinning of our SOC is combining the award winning Sophos Cyber Security Platform, rated #1 end point protection, with proactive team of experts within our UK based operations center, to deliver a fully-managed service.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you with your security needs.

An Outsourced SOC is the foundation to your cyber security strategy

Cyberwarfare from state-backed hackers to organised ransomware attacks, cyber security is continuing to become an increasing challenge for many organisations. In fact, the continued increasing trend in cybercrime and cyber-attacks, including breaches, phishing, access management and endpoint security attacks, contributed to an estimated 12% Compound Annual Growth Rate in cyber security IT spending by the end of 2021.

This challenge has worsened over 2020 and 2021, with many organisations having their employees working at home due to coronavirus. The mass adoption of new ways of working, the provisioning of remotely distributed networks, and unplanned IT solutions implemented at speed has opened new avenues for cyber-attacks. Reports of new malware targeting home worker systems using sophisticated machine learning to optimise the attack and evade detection have been discovered.

Many cyber security teams are facing the impossible task of securing unplanned, sprawling corporate and potentially vulnerable home networks.

With 51% of organisations being hit by ransomware in the last year, 34% are saying that lack of skilled resources is their most significant security operations issue when determining root cause of a security incident. As a result, 65% of organisations have already outsourced some or all of their cyber security controls.

Organisations with a single internal Head of Information Security, or even a small cyber security team are struggling to keep up with the advancing complexity of attacks and technology. Over half of security professionals surveyed stated that they were too busy completing business as usual daily tasks to be able to concentrate on the larger issues, like implementing improved security controls.

In recognition to this untenable situation, many companies are taking now benefit from the advantages of scaling their cyber security solution through an outsourced SOC (Security Operations Centre). An outsourced SOC can scale your cyber protection without you increasing your internal head count. It reduced pressure on HR in finding skilled cyber security experts, and delivers state of the art cyber security solutions at a significantly reduced price point. Please download our Outsourced Sales Brochure for more information, or get in contact to see how Fundamentals First can help.

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