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Consultancy accelerates IT Service Maturity through strategic deliveries

A technology based Managed Service Provider (MSP) had experienced rapid growth across its UK and US operations over a period of 2 years. To cope with the expanding client base and ever-increasing demand on the service teams, the client recognised the need for rapid improvements across the operational functions, including a fundamental shift from 9-5 to 24×7 service support.
Not only would these improvements ensure contractual SLAs were met for existing clients, it would also put the MSP in a strong position to grow their customer base even further, as well as expanding their portfolio of products.

One of Fundamentals First’s senior service consultants worked with a number of key stakeholders within the MSP and quickly produced a maturity framework which highlighted areas of focus that would generate significant improvements. From that framework a 3 month action plan was developed focusing on many topics, ranging from policies and procedures, customer reporting, performance monitoring, major incident management and many others.
The end result was a motivated, service focused support team, underpinned by comprehensive training and robust processes. Having matured core foundational service aspects, the MSP was able to transition to a 24×7 model in a confident and professional manner.

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