Digital agency formalises IT procedures to match market expectations

An international digital agency had enjoyed several years of growth, but had reached the stage where many clients were expecting a level of rigour, including core policies and procedures to be in place before any work was carried out. A large prospective customer had urgently demanded to see the agency’s procedures and a significant contract was hanging in the balance.
Whilst good practice was followed within the organisation, they hadn’t formally documented their procedures. Within a few hours of being engaged, the Fundamentals First consultant identified the core policies that applied to the agency and how they operated, and began to draft templates.
Working in conjunction with staff at the agency, the consultant was able to quickly produce a number of key documents, such as the Information Security and Acceptable Use policies as well as procedures on Vendor and Asset Management. In addition, the consultant produced a framework for the production of further policies and procedures as well as documenting a Policy Management process.
Subsequent to this engagement, the large prospective customer successfully audited the agency and signed a substantial contract with them. The agency has since stated that this core framework has not only introduced good practice into the company, but has helped them gain further new business.

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