FTSE100 exposed to reputational Data Privacy Risk in Europe resize

FTSE100 exposed to reputational Data Privacy Risk in Europe

A strategic partner was required to help a FTSE100 client deliver their Data Privacy Programme.

The client had realised the complexity of the programme was increased due to a diverse company structure based in many office locations across Europe. With leaders and managers busy with their day jobs and limited change professionals experienced in regulatory change, they required a partner to lead and deliver a European wide programme. The object was to deliver a Data Privacy Framework aligned to company culture.

An 8 month programme was delivered, covering all aspects of data privacy, including Data Flow analysis, DPIAs, core system analysis, accountability and responsibility ownership, through to auditable policies and procedures for Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) and retention periods.

The programme was a great success, revealing core information about the operations of the company. This new information has been the backbone of other projects, and has helped bring teams together in a more cohesive manner.

The programme was delivered to time and budget, with the client being kept clearly abreast of all information and their data privacy position. More importantly, the work acts as a core foundation for their continual data privacy control for the coming years.

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