Financial institution implements uplift in general controls resize

Financial institution implements uplift in general controls

A large UK based financial institution recognised the significant GDPR and FCA regulatory challenge it was facing. Connecting similar requirements from numerous different regulatory authorities, the client saw that an uplift in general security and administration controls was required.

Multiple and increasing assurance requests brought focus on how the client prepared for regulatory submissions, audits and inspections.

A root and branch investigation revealed data was available, but in many cases distributed, un-owned, un-reconciled, and in a few cases contradictory and incomplete. Mitigation of the knowledge risk was determined to be a dependency for the immediate projects throughout the portfolio of change.

A detailed project was run to improve knowledge management for the long term, resulting in an uplift of key artefacts for the short term requirements. Knowledge assets were approved and validated, summaries drafted and submitted successfully for FCA readiness.

A full scale GDPR project commenced a year later and drew on the artefacts, utilising some of the knowledge engineering techniques established through this work. Acting as a foundation, the delivery assisted the rapid preparation of the GDPR project with early momentum and confidence.

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