6M Broadband Routers vulnerable to attacks for 18 months

The UK ISP, Sky, has left 6 million customers’ routers vulnerable to attacks for nearly 18 months before a patch was released on the 22nd of October 2021. The security consulting firm, Pen Test Partners traced the flaw back to DNS rebinding attacks that were used to compromise networks back in May 2020. This flaw was patched in May 2021, however, that patch only covered 50% of devices and the recent patch in October covered the other 50%.

In the 18 months that the Sky routers were compromised, hackers were using malicious websites to gain access to the vulnerable routers. Once the attacker had control, the rest of the customers’ devices connected to that home network were accessible to them.

According to Pen Test Partners, the attack affected six types of Sky routers, (The Sky Hub, Sky Hub 2, Sky Booster 2, Sky Hub 3, Sky Hub 3.5, and Sky Booster 3), which still had the default router’s admin password (admin:sky), which was the case for a high percentage of routers.

The flaw could have been largely avoided if Sky had patched all the routers as soon as possible and if they had encouraged their customers to change from the default admin password.

With the move to remote working, more and more people are connecting remotely to work systems and data, working from home or coffee shops, leveraging shared office spaces, and using cloud services, bypassing the firewall and leaving your business vulnerable.

As an employer, It is important to have assurance that, wherever your people are working from, your systems and data are protected. Protect employees wherever they connect, at home, in the office or on the go.

Todyl’s Secure Global Network (SGN) cloud platform makes connecting and securing distributed businesses simple and cost-effective, helping you support productivity in a world outside of the office.
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