Take control of Operational Technology (OT) cyber attacks – Video

A security platform, designed for Operational Technology (OT), offers the required proactive monitoring and protection needed for OT in its own domain. Designed to protect OT networks and safeguard operations, Fundamentals First offer a 24×7 managed OT Cyber security platform.

Operational Technology (OT) surrounds and affects our lives in many obvious and hidden ways, automatically monitoring safe, reliable production and replacing highly manual repetitive tasks. Critical to Operational Technology (OT) are warning safety systems that alert operators when something is going wrong, or a critical event is about to happen.

Convergence of technologies has led to increased and new security vulnerabilities where traditional corporate IT security tools are not able to provide appropriate safeguarding measures. Be it chemical plants, manufacturing automation, power stations or oil rigs, the linking of physical infrastructures to digital networks and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is exposing production in ways never possible historically.

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