Innovative solution for health & safety support resize

Innovative solution for health & safety support

A client providing complex chemical hazard health and safety materials needed to change its approach for new regulation.

Hazardous chemicals are highly regulated. Suppliers of hazardous chemicals require regulatory assistance through ready-to-use guides for accident and damage prevention.

The variations within chemical combinations make the task of drafting the guidance complex. The client wanted to realign their guidance to their customers, and needed to resolve complexities caused by multiple language and multiple territories. Existing workarounds involved regulatory documents being manually interpreted, and then added to a repository which was hard to search due to mixed document formats and languages.

The solution was the creation of an automated text searching tool capable of multiple search variables and cataloguing characteristics to aid effective storage of chemical data. The successful outcome for the client was highly targeted access to content for end users.

The client view of the data from the regulator masked some layers of aggregation, which could be bypassed to obtain greater granularity, allowing more solution candidates to be generated.

An obvious default solution would be a turnkey document management system with multilingual search, but the expense of these solutions would render the project not commercially viable.

Using advanced unstructured text analysis techniques and focusing on the clarified core requirement, enabled a feasible and viable solution to be identified.

The client is now able to offer guidance with competitive advantage via a live system which presents and works with the characteristics of hazardous chemicals in a way closer to the needs of practitioners and users. Industry recognition has been an added bonus to reputational client value.

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