Reduce your risk of failing to ensure data privacy protection

Only 54% of companies know where their data is.

Reduce risk and improve your data privacy protection

Data Privacy is an ongoing task

A continual control framework is the only sustainable way to effectively protect personal data in an organisation. Organisations continually adapt and change, gathering, processing and storing increasing amounts of data.

Data Privacy Framework

Data privacy management is risk based. Like many risk based controls, privacy risk management needs to be continual.

Fundamentals First has developed a framework that benefits from both the structure of set policies and procedures, and the flexibility required to recognise that organisations change over time.

Our flexible approach means that you can deliver some or all of the framework, based on the needs of your organisation.

Data privacy framework

Data privacy project management

Data Privacy Project Management

The topic of data privacy is complex and covers many topics, from technology to process and culture.

We have delivered data privacy programmes globally in over 35 countries, on every continent. Our experience in working across party, borders, languages and skillsets plays a massive role in being able to supercharge a data privacy programme.

A Free Risk Assessment

Fundamentals First offer a free risk assessment of your current data privacy controls.
Based on the findings a prioritised plan can be put in place to achieve a future mode of operation aligned to your organisations risk appetite.

A free risk assessment of your data privacy controls

Mature your data privacy audit controls

Data Privacy Controls Audit

With 1 in 4 EU companies yet to begin making themselves compliant more than 2 years after the GDPR legislation deadline, and only 20% believing they are now compliant, our data privacy audit will put a roadmap in place based on your current maturity.

“Nearly half of all organisations are failing to adhere to regulations”

A recent Thompson Reuters survey on Data Privacy Compliance highlighted that nearly half of organisations surveyed globally (44%) say they are presently failing to adhere to data privacy regulation.

Vendor Due Diligence as a Service

With budgets and resources becoming ever more stretched procurement, IT, and operational leaders struggle to manage appropriate due diligence with their supply chain.

Vendor due diligence and risk assessments play a key role in continuously protecting your organisation. Outsourcing your vendor due diligence to a cheaper, more flexible OPEX solution.

Conduct outsourced due diligence on your vendors and suppliers

breach management as a service

Breach Management as a Service

With 41% of organisations citing lack of people resources in to help defend against a cyber attack, leaders are struggling to learn from past breaches.

Our breach management service focuses on running a timely and detailed review of the event. investigating and documenting a formal assessment with recommendations.

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